Baby and the Gang Silicone Bibs

Baby and the Gang Silicone Bibs

Baby and the Gang Silicone Bibs

So November 2019 saw me start the journey of sourcing my first 'Baby and the Gang' branded product. Why? I love sourcing and selling other people's products but I wanted something that was mind, even if it is just one product with my name on it. 

I searched high and low for the right colours, fit and material for the bibs. They just had to be right, if I wouldn't use them with my children then they definitely wouldn't be right for Baby and the Gang. 

Why silicone?

It is so soft against the most delicate of skin

It doesn't stain

It is easy to clean

It is reusable

It's durable


Choosing colours was hard - I had to choose just 8, then when they finally arrived they sent one of them in the wrong colour but I was ready to launch so I just had to go with it and use the colours I had. We went with:

What makes our bibs different to others?

They are made from food grade silicone so they are perfectly safe for food contact. They have an adjustable fastener which makes them suitable for babies and children aged 6 - 36 months. 

The tray on the front of the bib is super big to catch any falling food and makes it easy for little's to find any fallen food. 

They are wipe clean with a damp cloth or wash in the sink with warm water.