Inside our Lockdown home

It's been 10 weeks since 'Lockdown' started and I actually feel like I have achieved quite a bit. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about life getting back to the new 'normal'. I have absolutely loved being at home, I am a home bird, I love being with my family and staying home. I also love going shopping and being out but after a while I get this feeling that it's times to go home, I don't know what it is that makes me feel like that but I just feel happy when I'm home. Does anyone else get that feeling? It's like the last night of your holiday - there is no where I would rather be than home. So Lockdown has given me time to be here and with the boys, although I've had to work throughout it's still given me time to slow down and enjoy our home even more. There were rooms in our house that were ready for painting and being at home has given us the perfect chance to update them. Here is the first blog of our Lockdown on how we have transformed parts of our home. 

decorating - love it or hate it?

You either love decorating or hate it, Alex hates it - I love decorating! I spend hours on Pinterest saving pictures and boards to give me inspiration for each room in our house. I decided before Lockdown that we were going to decorate so I managed to get some of the paint mixed up beforehand. We started with Oscar's room which has gone from a bright blue to an Oval Room Blue which I had mixed by Valspar  I painted it half way up and did the roof in the same colour as Jude's room. I had a nightmare with his bed, he's got the Kura reversible bed but it just felt too big for his room. I'd been on FaceTime to my Mum who came up with a great idea of flipping it round so the bed was on the bottom instead of the top - it works for now but I'm still not convinced as the wooden rail still seems over powering for the room. It has killed me that Ikea is shut to go and look for a new one! I then put his clothes into the crates from Baby and the Gang and used the Ikea inserts for the Kallax shelves, it's so much easier now for Oscar to get his clothes out of and put them away. I still need a stool in there for his desk but I just haven't found one I like yet!

our room

I then moved onto mine and Alex's room and the en-suite. The colour inspiration for this room came from visiting The Shed Concept Space + Store just before Lockdown - WOW it's so dreamy in there. They had used the colours Studio Green and Dimity by Farrow & Ball to decorate the store and it looked just gorgeous so these are the colours I went with and I am so pleased with how it has turned out. I got the two prints from a shop on Etsy and the small prints above the bed are from Eleanor Bowmer. If you haven't heard of Eleanor Bowner you need to check out her instagram, not only will she make you laugh but she has the most gorgeous home products too! 

Family photos are my favourite and we have them all over the house. These spice racks from Ikea are perfect for holding photos. Our new Childhome range will include these gorgeous wicker mirrors too. Delivery is expected this week.


The original paint in the ensuite was a Valspar bathroom paint but it hadn't lasted well as it left all water marks down the wall so this time I did choose to use Farrow & Ball on the walls plus paint mixing has been unavailable during Lockdown. I managed to find these hexagonal wall shelves for £6.00 and the bath mat from B&M. I'd had my eye on this bath mat for a while and it was literally the last one on the shelf! I added some plants from Sainsbury's and TA-DAH it was finished. 

the kitchen

We had our kitchen redone in 2012 and a new floor put in 3 years ago. The cabinets are solid oak and were painted in a light green but it had started to look really worn from wear and tear. It was something that had been on my mind for a while but I knew it was going to be a big job. After I had used Studio Green in the bedroom I just fell in love with it and decided that's what I wanted the kitchen cupboards in. I was talking to my Dad about my plans and he offered to paint all the cabinets for me! YAY! Luckily they were really easy to get off and it just left me with a shell that I could keep everything in, so we transported all the cabinets to my parents house and dropped them at a safe social distance where he then painted them in his garage. 

So how did I do the rest?

  • While the cupboards were off and in the safe hands of my Dad I continued with the rest of the kitchen. If you are thinking of painting your own cabinets follow the advice from Farrow & Ball here. It's simple and fool proof. The Farrow & Ball paint is more expensive than other paint but the cupboards will but up for years so for around £100 for undercoat and paint it's worth it. 
  • I chose the colour Bone for the walls as it is a complementary colour to Studio Green and used Slipper Satin for the wood work and radiator. 
  • I also gave the back door a paint in Slipper Satin and sprayed the handle and frame around the window matt black. 
  • I managed to get another shaped wall shelf from B & M for £10 which fit perfectly with the wall clock we'd already got from John Lewis which was a wedding present. 
  • The light shade was a last minute buy from Dumelm as Oscar smashed the glass one by swinging his arms in the air (I actually did want a new one so this was a good excuse). 

I am absolutely over the moon with the progress I've made with the house. It's given me a break at weekends from home schooling, teaching and the business. We would never have gotten all this decorating done had we been travelling all over to take the boys to and from childcare while having to travel to work. I've been doing both working from home and going into school while Alex has been fully working from home so this break at the weekends has been much needed. I am no means a blogger nor an interior designer but I just wanted to share with you what I'd been up to during Lockdown life, next up is life in the garden with the boys. 

Helen Glossop
Owner of Baby and the Gang and an experienced Early Years and Primary School Teacher. 

spray paint

Spray paint has become my new found friend. I managed to transform our back door handles and window frame using matt black bumper spray from Home Bargains. When I couldn't get hold of any in B & Q my friend's husband recommended this and it's amazing. I've now sprayed the white light fitting, gate hinges and end fence panel. I'm contemplating the outside lights too. 

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