Jude's Room

Jude's Room

I felt it was time that I gave Jude a more grown up room, gone were the days of him being a baby. This did make me really sad but he needed his own space where he could play and read just like his big brother. 

The first thing I thought about was the colour scheme, I loved the colour of his nursery and I didn't want to get rid of that. The colour I originally used was Farrow and Ball Pavilion Blue no 252.

(Photo from https://www.farrow-ball.com/paint-colours/pavilion-blue)

I chose this as it went with this rabbit wall paper that I purchased from Mamas and Papas. 

His room was very grey when I first did it back in 2017, I knew this time I wanted to add some colour but nothing too bright. I'd been searching on Pinterest a lot and adding colour by painting walls half and half was trending so I decided to go for it. 

I'd seen on an Instagram story that a lady I follow had used the colour Smoked Trout by Farrow and Ball in her house and it looked beautiful, so off I went to B & Q to get it mixed up. I really wanted to save money so I used the Valspar system they have in store, the colours are identical when they are mixed and half the price. When painting half and half I recommend you use Frog tape and not masking tape as masking tape lets the paint escape underneath. 

The paper came down really easily but it did come with some emotions as Jude could potentially be the last baby in our family, ever since being a child myself I'd always wanted to be a mum and the thought of not having that feeling again did make me feel a little sad.

I didn't need to buy much new furniture as I kept his wardrobe and his bed was his original cot. The light on the wall is from Ikea (£19) and I personalised it with Jude's name using stick on vinyl. The bedding which super soft is from H & M Home, this is one of my favourite home shops as it's reasonably priced and has lots of organic products. 

I had already got one of these really clever storage drawers (£49) from Ikea but I wanted another so I could put all his toys in. The drawers are great as they hold so much and Jude can pull them out easily as they are on wheels. 

The shelves are also from Ikea which I already had. The crate (£24) is from our new storage collection on Baby and the Gang, they are great as they hold so much and we certainly have a lot of books. You can also fold them up when you now longer need them and put them in the dishwasher to clean them. 

Cushions are essentials fro creating soft textures in a room, I used the Wee Gallery throw cushions which are available here.

Jude loves to read as you can see from his basket and we especially love the The Little People Big Dreams series, the hard books are great from him too as he can be a little heavy handed. I also enjoy teaching him about hip - hop too and reminiscing about my 'going out' days.' 

The kids love to measure themselves, they want to see who is the tallest and how much they have grown. So having a height chart was a must in Jude's room, we always have to measure them when we go in Marks & Spencer's kids section. These Wee Gallery Height charts come in a range of designs - we had to have the dinosaur one to match Jude's room. 

So there you have it, a quick run down of Jude's room, I've added prices next to the products I had to buy, unfortunately the dinosaur bedding is out of stock from H & M. I've been trying to get another set for Jude and I can't get hold of it anywhere.