Our 2nd Birthday!

Our 2nd Birthday!

Baby and the Gang turns 2!

Helen Glossop

Founder of Baby and the Gang 

I cannot  believe Baby and the Gang has been going for 2 years! I honestly never thought I would get this far with the business. After the first 6 months I honestly didn't think it was going to take off, I was getting orders but not enough to keep my stock at the right levels and to invest in new brands. I was trying everything, sending stock out to collaborators on Instagram, updating my Facebook and Instagram feeds constantly, paying for Facebook ads (which I will never do again) and providing constant discount codes to bring in traffic. It became tiring and time consuming. I wasn't getting much back from all the efforts I put in. I then came across Google Shopping, this was a massive turning point for Baby and the Gang. Google Shopping promotes your products in Google searches using keywords. It did take me awhile to get it going and through the help of Shopify apps I got there. I am a very determined person and I will not let anything stop me from achieving what I want, sometimes that's a very positive part of me and sometimes people say it's a really annoying part of my personality because I won't be told. (A comment my Dad often uses.) I am so pleased I soldiered on because I now have a beautiful company to my name!

This year I have taken on so many new brands, without the support of my customer this would not have been possible. 

I introduced the Askasa crates which have proved to be a hit with our customers. The crates come in a variety of colours and can be stacked to provide get storage for toys. 

Childhome also joined us during Lockdown and has provided us with new range of products for your home. Rattan is a key trend this year and this brand fits in perfectly with this. 

I am still in shock that Eleanor Bowmer has now joined the Gang. Eleanor Bowmer is a lady I have followed from the start, her prints are to die for and come in a range of products from cups, prints, cards, wrapping paper and aprons. 

Eleanor Bowmer posts instagram stories regularly and enjoys singing and dancing to the camera! If you're having a bad day check out her stories as they will always make you smile! She has just moved into a huge warehouse in Manchester because her business has grown so much, I love watching the developments of her studio on Instagram. This lady is inspirational. 

Juggling the business and working part-time as a teacher is hard because I seem to give one my all then the other doesn't feel like it's doing as well and vise versa. I'm hoping when Jude goes to school nursery in September I will find a better balance. I am also dreading this as I now feel my kids have grown up so quickly and I'm not sure how to feel about it but I'll leave that for another post!


So where do we go from here? Over the next year I'm hoping to introduce another big brand that I've had my eye on for a while, expand my silicone range and I will be offering beautiful bespoke Baby and the Gang gift boxes. I would also love to get to 10,000 followers on Instagram but I do refuse to spend money on this as I want my customer to come because they love my products not because they were paid too. 

Last but not least, thank you to you, my followers, family, friends and customers, without you guys I wouldn't be where I am today. So if you are reading this, here is 10%*off your next order with the code BLOG10 enjoy and thank you again!

*code with end at midnight on the 31st July.

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Eleanor Bowmer Ltd is a Textile Designer and Illustrationer based in the Manchester in the North West. She has worked a textile designer for over 8 years her love for all things print and colour resonates in her beautifully curated products.

Everything is UK made and packed by hand in her studio in Manchester.