It's definitely hot so it's important that we protect the kids and what better why to do it then with perfectly design swimwear, hats, towels and sandals?


We have a selection of sun hats in a variety of prints. These sweet little gorm sun hats will bring a smile to all children's faces on a warm day. The long shade in the back will keep your little one from getting too hot, and the front shade will keep the sun away from the eyes. The sun hat has cute little ears.





This selection of swimwear will get the little ones ready for summer. Did you know that the Liewood swimwear is made from stretchy oeko-tec certified material that protects against the sun's UV rays with the highest ultraviolet protection factor 50+. Let the kids jump into the waves, the pool or start a spontaneous water fight in the garden in playful ruffles and cute summer prints. Happy Summer! Hate it when the swimming pool ruins their swimwear? Well all Liewood Swimwear is Qeko-tex class 1 certified and will not fade in chlorinated water. 


Whether you are in the garden, by the sea or in the pool it sometimes gets a bit chilly when you are wet. We have a selection towels and cover ups to get the kids dry and warm again. The Poncho slides over the head with a hood while the Albert towel hooks over the head and around the shoulders which is perfect for babies. 


When it heats up so does the floor, these jelly shoes are perfect for protecting those precious feet. They can also be worn in the sea and swimming pool so they don't catch their feet on any sharp objects. They have been the best selling sandals of the summer and we have a few select sizes left. Jude has worn his since April and have been brilliant they are going to be perfect for our holiday in Florida later this year. 

So there you have it our guide to keeping the kids safe during the heatwave! Have you joined our Facebook group? This week we will be discussing the best sun creams and ways to keep cool during the hot weather. Come and share your life hacks with us. Click here to join