Baby and the Gang - The Story So Far!

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Baby and the Gang - The Story So Far!

Welcome to the world of us! So after over 18 months of trading I thought I should introduce myself properly and share my story with you. Baby and the Gang is run by myself 'Helen' but I always talk about the business as 'we' because I wouldn't be able to do it without 'Alex' my husband and two boys 'Oscar' and 'Jude.' When starting out having someone who has already started a business to talk too and get help from is vital, Joy from 'The Style Guide' gave me invaluable advice which I will always be grateful for plus I also made a great friend. 


Baby and the Gang Family

When I became pregnant with Jude my second son it was a very different feeling to becoming pregnant with my first son Oscar. With Oscar online shopping wasn't as big as it is now and having a matching nursery was all the rage. I also didn't know what I needed and what I didn't.

After having Oscar I soon realised that I didn't need half the stuff I had bought but needed a lot of 'essentials' that I didn't have. When I had Jude 2 years ago I knew what to buy which meant I had more money to spend on quality products for him, little did I know that I couldn't get it all in one place then there was the heartbreaking postage charge on every item I ordered I soon became to realise having it all in one place would be perfect ........... Tah Dah Baby and the Gang was born in May 2018.

I spent hours researching popular brands and what new/expecting parents were buying. I had to start off small as I didn't have a lot of money to invest and I was soon to return to work as a Primary School Teacher so I had to build a website and a business from scratch. We finally launched on the 12th July 2018 with a small selection of brands. It was hard contacting suppliers with nothing to show them, one lady that really stood out was Jenna from Cloud & Cuckoo. We have built up a really good relationship and 'Goo' is still the only teether we stock. Once we started trading we were able to contact more suppliers and grow from there! As 2018/19 went on we introduced more brands:

Running a business on your own is hard and can be lonely but when you see customers receiving your products it's worth it. I can't thank my customers enough for investing in 'The Gang' and joining our journey.... it's only just begun and I am so excited to share the rest of our travels with you.




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