Colouring - time to unwind 👊

Colouring - time to unwind 👊

Colouring - Time to unwind

Lots of companies have provided great colouring pages for kids which is amazing - colouring is a fantastic opportunity for kids to unwind and also develop the muscles in their hands. Here are some that I've come across:

  • The Muthahood is a great website for girls which promotes 'The Strong Girls Club' and she has produced these fab colouring pages which you can customise as you wish.
Strong girls club
  • Eleanor Bowmer is a fantastic artist who creates amazing prints (and mugs) and she has created a colouring pack with a variety of prints that are just gorgeous.
STay home eleanor bowmer
  • Have you got a football fan in your house? The Terrace website has a selection of Retro Football Kit colouring books which are now free to download. 

  • Meet Playpa, a revolutionary new concept in creative play. You can colour it, sticker it, play on it and even decorate walls with it. Each 8-meter roll is printed with a repeating road design that your kiddo can colour, sticker and play on, providing countless hours of artistic fun. 

    Create stories on it, play with figurines on it and invent games on it.

  • What about mess free colour? Use the Wee Gallery Bath Books with a paintbrush or water filled pen to explore colour changing pictures.
  • Need some new colours? Then try the new Micador range here. We have a selection of markers which are washable and suitable for 1 yr plus they come in a variety of sizes and shapes too!


Young children don’t need to be ‘taught’ to draw, so just offer your toddlers safe materials and lots of time and space for drawing. Don’t worry about the finished product or ask what it is, instead focus on the process of drawing. Talk to your child about the lines they are making, the colours they are using and how much they seem to be enjoying drawing and watch as your child’s creativity and skills grow.