Kokoso - it's all in the coconut!

Kokoso - it's all in the coconut!

What skincare do you use on your baby?

Do you really know all the ingredients that are in it? At Baby and the Gang we only stock one brand of skincare because we know it is the best for you, baby and your children.
Kokoso was made by a mum on a mission. Kokoso Baby is a natural infant skincare brand started by Lauren when she was a new mum and wanted the very best for her little one’s sensitive skin. She discovered the wonders of raw virgin organic coconut oil and quickly became passionate about its many amazing skincare benefits and uses.

Lauren spent a long time searching for the perfect lightweight coconut oil for baby skincare - and didn't stop until she'd found something really special to share with other parents and their little ones. After winning the Boots ‘Inspired by Baby’ competition and gaining investment on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, she and her husband, Mark, set about creating a range of premium organic coconut oil toiletries packed full of nourishing skincare goodness for their children and yours. 

Why did I choose Kokoso for Baby and the Gang?

As everything on Baby and the Gang - I tried it on my children first and loved it, I used it on myself too and it's now my go to moisturiser. I also believe precious baby skin deserves the very best.
Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil is the purest fresh-pressed organic coconut oil chosen specifically for infant skincare by a very picky mum. Loaded with amazing natural nutrients, with nothing stripped away through processing or added to dilute its purity, our award-winning coconut oil hasn’t been refined, bleached, deodorised or tinkered with.

The Multitasking Wonder Oil

As well as being the most gentle natural oil to moisturise, nourish and protect your baby's skin with, there are so many other ways you and your little one can benefit from Kokoso Baby. 

Baby's dry skin and eczema-prone skin


Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil is a wonderfully moisturising natural emollient certified suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. If your little one has dry, flaky skin or scalp, or sensitive eczema-prone skin, apply a little Kokoso regularly to help hydrate, nourish and keep skin feeling baby-soft - from head to tiny toes. Remember a patch test is always recommended first. 

Bottom balm

We're delighted that Kokoso Baby has scooped a Mumsnet Best Award for use as a nappy cream. Simply apply Kokoso at every nappy change to help keep little bottoms fresh, happy and squidgy soft. 

Baby's sore creases

Help keep the delicate skin in baby's rolls and creases fresh and healthy by dabbing on a dash of nourishing Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil.

Flaky newborn skin

Safe to use from day one, you can nourish the flaky dry skin of your newborn by smoothing on a little Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil. Or simply leave it to fall away naturally!

Baby massage

Recommended by infant massage teachers, Kokoso Baby is the perfect natural oil to use for massaging your little one whilst also nourishing and protecting their skin – either at a class or as part of their relaxation routine before bed. 


Miracle Pot available here. 

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