The Little Homie

AB to Jay Z & 1 2 3 with the Notorious B.I.G Duo Set By The Little Homie

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The perfect duo of The Little Homie's books available at Baby and the Gang. 

AB to Jay Z

If you're having alphabet problems I feel bad for you son! Don’t let your alphabet be a problem while reliving some of the greatest musicians of our time! 

There will always be an abundance of books that teach our kids about balls, cats and apples but who is going to teach them the realest alphabet? For the next generation of hip-hop enthusiasts.

1 2 3 with the Notorious B.I.G

Sometimes these numbers just hypnotise me! Make sure your kids are strong in the rap game while learning their numbers with these Little Homie books! These make a perfect gift or great for parents to share the worlds greatest rap stars with their children while learning numbers!