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Our Fine Motor Colour Box is great for children aged 3 years and up. The box helps to develop a range of skills that children will need as they start their school journey. The box contains a range of activities to help develop colour recognition, fine motor, hand eye coordination and communication skills. 

Why choose this box?

Fine motor skill activities helps to develop muscles in the hands, fingers and wrist. Building fine motor skills will contribute later when holding a pencil and using scissors. It's very important that as children develop their muscles in their hands their pincer grip will also be developed. The pincer grip is the ability to hold an object between your thumb and first finger. Many children learn to hold objects using a fisted grab and then go on to hold their pencil like this. Once children learn this fisted grab it is hard to correct at school age as the muscles in their hands have naturally developed this way. Using fine motor activities helps to strengthen the muscles to make it earlier to hold a pencil between their thumb and first finger.

What's in the box?

  • Coloured chickpeas
  • Scoops and Tweezers
  • Pasta
  • Plates and Cups
  • Playdough

Photos  are used for illustration purposes and may differ from box to box. 


Our Fine Motor Box is to be used under constant supervision of an adult and is for children over 3 years old.

Never leave a child unsupervised with any objects in the box.

The items in the Fine Motor Box are to be used at the discretion of an adult, all activities are suggestions.

Warning: Adults are to supervise children at all times when chickpeas, pasta, and playdough are being played with due to a choking hazard if they are placed in a child's mouth.

Warning: Please check all the ingredients for allergies. Paint is children's non-toxic paint. 

Playdough: Playdough will arrive in clingfilm, once it arrives please place in an airtight container to prevent drying out. Ingredients: flour, salt, glycerol, oil, water, food colouring. `